Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Pete Docter

Milt Kahl 101 Dalmations Flipbook (dummy copy)- signed
10" x 8.25" (Bigger than the published version)
Pete Docter, Director Pixar
Emeryville CA

When not directing Pixar's more original, whimsical films such as 'Monsters Inc.',  'Up' and the forthcoming 'Inside Out' Pete Docter indulges his passion for traditional 2-D animation. Every year he produces personal flip book Christmas cards for friends & family . This year he channeled that passion into a set of flip books representing classic Disney animation by each of the legendary Nine Old Men.  While deciding on the format of these books dummy copies were made to test the concept.
Pete has signed and embellished a dummy copy of the Milt Kahl book featuring a scene from '101 Dalmations'.  The book is bigger than the published size.

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